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Footage,Vj Loops,Motion Graphics & After Effects Projects


5 MOV / Abstract backgrounds/ MOV, 29.97fps/4K Resolution / 2.70 GB / FS


HD1080 / 6 MOV / Codec:Photo JPG / 930 MB / FS

Changes in Each number
Computer smash
Count The Numbers
Formula and Medicine
Human Bones


HD1080 / 6 MOV / Codec:Photo JPG / 864 MB / FS

Movement pool water wavy
Puddle light water
Road of alley water
Water Drop
Wild Water Silver




HD1080 / 6 MOV / Abstract / Codec:Photo JPG / 1.00 GB / FS

Abstract Purple and Magenta
Movement green shine
Movement transparent boxes
Orange Spinning color
Spinning capital words transparent
Winding Circle Patterned

iStock Video Footage 46

HD1080 / 6 MOV / Abstract / Codec:Photo JPG / 1.30 GB / FS

Bright Abstract Patterned Screen
Bright Fiber Optic
Dark Abstract Lights
Movement boxes transparen
Rotation blue floor
Spinning diamond clear


HD1080 / 6 MOV / American Money / Codec:Photo JPG / 1.30 GB / FS

American Money Tossed onto a Surfacee
Bundle of American Money
Bundles of American Money Appearing
Coins Dropping
Pan of Three Bundles of American Money
Scattered American Money Bills


HD1080 / 6 MOV / People / Codec:Photo JPG / 1.06 GB / FS

Father and son
Kid with balloons
Pack Up and Leave
Shaving in Legs in Bath
Shot of Breakdancer
Young Woman Smiles at Camera


HD1080 / 6 MOV / Slow Motion / Codec:Photo JPG / 1.28 GB / FS

Champagne Bottle Pop
Dart Popping Water Balloon
Falling and Spilling Pills
Falling Deck of Cards
Falling Strawberries
Falling Money


HD1080 / 6 MOV / Codec:Photo JPG / 1.43 GB / FS

Eagle Nebula
Looping Background
Small Black Bomb Explodes HD720
Statue of Liberty


HD1080 / 6 MOV / Codec:Photo JPG / 1.71 GB / FS

HOUSE and CLOUDS time lapse
Los Angeles Freeway Traffic
Oil rigs at sunset
Rainy Street Market Asia
Statue of Liberty in New York City
Surfers Walk Down Beach at Sunrise


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