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Most people are familiar with the basic fonts, since they usually preinstalled on the computer and are available in programs such as Word or plain text editor. DJ Fonts is a little different. Although they include standard OpenType fonts for each group of DJ Font Family, themselves DJ Fonts are not fonts in the traditional sense. Until they can not get the font selection tools provided in the software, such as in Word.
In simple words DJ Fonts – located on layers graphic fonts. Although they can be modified as the properties of any text (font size, kerning, etc.) in the annex Juicer, the end result will be a graphic. All fonts are easily edited, displayed in various formats for import into other graphics programs.
In most cases, used to work with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Sony Vegas, Apple Motion 3.
Annex Juicer – at your fingertips all the settings of the text and fonts – effects, textures, sizes, etc. You can save a project in the popular graphics file formats (PNG, JPG, Targa, TIFF, BMP, Photoshop Merged PSD and Photoshop Layered PSD), an alpha channel (with transparency) and use them in presentations, video, animation, print, Internet or graphics-intensive applications. High resolution of each font (2048 pixels) enables you to use them for printing outdoor advertising, posters, as well as use in video editing HD projects.
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You need DJ Juicer to install & render these fonts!
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