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200 General Purpose Animated and Static Elements

20 Animated Transition
Classy, quick and full screen, these transitions can be overlayed on top of any edit between two clips

20 Animated Displays
Unique 3D rendered objects designed as display areas for text or other graphic elements. Each one
opens, freezes and closes again. Just add text to create a professional and unique element!

10 Corner Pin Animated Displays
Animated Displays with After Effects corner pin tracking data. Load the project file into After Effects
and quickly track your own video clip onto the animated display. Expensive custom-looking 3D
animation at your fingertips. Only from 12 Inch Design!

7 Animated Earth Content
High quality, full screen looping animations of spinning globes. Includes stylized and realistic Earth
renders, and two keyable globes.

10 Animated Simple Shapes
Simple, animated and keyable. Use to add accents to any part of your project. You will find these indispensable!

20 Animated Borders
Looping animated borders with alpha channel that can easily be combined with any video footage.

25 Moving Textures
Looping grayscale animations, rendered at 800 x 600. Moving Textures are great for layering and blending,
or using as “Matte To” objects

50 DVD Menu Templates
When you need to quickly deliver a DVD, these will be a huge time saver. We’ve provided plug-and-play
menus in Adobe Encore, DVD Studio Pro 2 and MyDVD formats all set up and ready to go. We’ve also provided
all of the menus and elements as Photoshop, TIFF, TGA and BMP files, so they’ll work with any DVD authoring software.

30 Static Grids
High quality single frames with alpha channel. Can be combined with any video footage or motion graphics element.

35 Static Ramps
High quality single frames with alpha channel. Can be combined with Grids to great effect, or any other video element.

10 Static Patterns
High quality single frames with alpha channel. Add more to your look in seconds.

65 Static Mattes
Yes, SIXTY FIVE high quality single frame mattes with alpha channel. You will never need a new matte again! Combine
them with other static elements for more than 500,000 possible different looks!